Matito was born during spring 2016 from the passion of two friends, an expert wine taster and an eclectic architect in love with taste.


Knight of the sovereign and noblest class of the Ancient Recioto. It speculates, proposes, tastes, praises and narrates with Love and Passion the story of the wine, making its knowledge and its well-known Taverna KUS in San Zeno di Montagna available, a little Temple of Taste whose wine cellar gets continuously filled by a treasure of precious wines.


Eclectic architect, designer and travel companion who dreams, creates the name of the winery and of the wines (from the two children Mattea and Tito), reworks some 40's graphics in order to adorn with polished elegance Matito's bottles.

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Cantina Matito
0039 045 7285 667

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Taverna KUS
Contrada Castello 15, 37010
San Zeno di Montagna VR, Italy

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Gianfranco Campagnari +39336808776
Via Luigi Prina 20/a, 37136 Verona